Developed solutions

Cabinets with battery

Advanced solution perfected in-house by designers and engineers with extensive experience in related fields, consisting of power sources from 12Vdc to 60Vdc, with backup power supply and batteries for industrial temperature environments. The IP66 mounting box, of small dimensions, and the certified equipment with operation in the temperature range -40 ° C - + 70 ° C, allow the deployment of the solution in any working environment.

Cabinets with battery and extended temperature range are ideal for mounting video surveillance equipment or Wi-Fi communication equipment in public spaces, industrial environments and hard to reach areas. The reliability of this solution is proven by the hundreds of existing implementations with a defect rate below 1% during over 5 years of use 24/7.

Cabinets with double conversion UPS

Classic solution adapted to any equipment supply requirement, directly from the low voltage electrical network, with double conversion online UPS backup power supply. The large dimensions of the mounting box allow flexibility in the installation of equipment inside it, and the simplicity of the solution easily folds to any requirement.

Cabinets with online double conversion UPS are ideal for mounting video surveillance equipment, telecommunication equipment or specific outdoor equipment in industrial environments with operating temperatures between -10 ° C - + 40 ° C. The long life of this solution is given by the possibility of quick and easy maintenance by any beneficiary, regardless of his technical knowledge.

Extended outdoor cabinets

Whether we are talking about parks, public pedestrian areas or hard to reach locations, the designers together with our engineers always find an optimal for any kind of requirements, these cabinets being successfully implemented during the years of experience, being made with air conditioning systems. with operating temperature range -40 ° C - + 70 ° C, elevation systems to avoid flooding from melting snow and appropriate security to avoid unauthorized access.

Proper design of these solutions give them a long service life with minimal maintenance.

Public video surveillance

Video installation in public areas is a solution implemented as a part of the external cabinet solutions, implicitly from the Integrated Security System and are specific to the public city administration institutions. Public order, prevention and combating crime in public spaces are essential for the proper conduct of a functioning society.

The experience gained over the years allows us to implement these solutions, from consulting and obtaining installation permits, to bringing video images to the final client, and the installation of public areas video systems is done professionally, respecting the legislative and architectural requirements of the each specific area.

Mobile surveillance

Regardless of the client's requirement, simple or complex, our team finds the right solution. State-of-the-art equipment and connectivity resistant to multiple connections / disconnections are present in all mobile video surveillance implementations.

  • Ultra-compact shock-resistant boxes for video surveillance and telecommunication network coverage in temporary locations, ready to expand coverage in just a few minutes;
  • 4G / 5G communication solutions with the integration of up to 8 GSM telephone cards to achieve transmission speeds comparable to the Gigabit domain and redundancy with zero downtime;
  • Mobile, public area or residential video surveillance solutions, with deployment times of the final solution in tens of minutes, to cover all areas of interest. Assembling and disassembling the equipment is just as easy, without the need for technical knowledge or special tools;
  • Special video surveillance solutions - where there is a challenge, we materialize the idea.

Thermal scanning

Video cameras with thermal sensor are the ideal solution where we want to see more than what the visible spectrum allows us. Low light conditions, camouflage attempts in the landscape and a person's slightly elevated temperature, are just some of the challenges successfully overcome by a thermal video camera.

The information provided by such a solution is adequate both for populated areas of interest and for specific strategic objectives. Video cameras with thermal imaging provide clear images in any type of weather and light conditions, being adapted for use in applications based on software or human analysis. Identifying people at face level is difficult, so there is an advantage when the confidentiality of personal data is necessary.

The security measures resulting from the implementation of video thermal scanning always take the security system to the next level.