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The courage to approach complex projects is what define us, transforming the needs and requirements of our clients into unique and high-performance systems.

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Consultancy, design, project management and TCP

Technical and economic consulting, studies and design

We are ready to help you through technical-economic consulting services and the realization of feasibility studies for choosing the optimal technical solution and the rational use of the material and human resources allocated to any investment. In simpler terms, SF and DALI represent that incipient documentation that, in principle, determines whether the project can be realized, both technically and economically. At the beginning of the project it is important to invest in everything that brings us clarity: studies, execution charts, lists of quantities of works, etc. The moment we set off with all the information well prepared, we have no way to fail. From this category we list the following services:

  • Technical and economic establishment studies of investments
  • Concept note
  • Design requirements
  • Feasibility study / Intervention approval documentation (FS, IAD)
  • Price evaluation by establishing general estimate (in accordance with HG nr. 907 29.11.2016)
  • Intervention approval documentation: documents and agreements for release of construction permit
  • Technical execution project, including execution details (TP+ED)
Project execution and management

Project management is a subject dedicated to planning, organizing and managing resources to successfully complete the specific goals and objectives of a project. Syntegra's team of specialists is prepared to assist you in planning, project execution and subsequent phases of monitoring and control on the certified areas of competence:

  • 4321 - Electrical work
  • 8020 - Security systems service activities
  • 7112 - Engineering activities and technical consultancy related to them
Documentation for release of Technical Connection Permit (TCP)

Technical Connection Permit represents the document by which the electrical network operator approves the applicant's connection to the power grid and establishes its offer towards connection request.

The documentation requested when submitting the connection request for a new place of consumption will include, depending on the category of users to which the applicant belongs, a set of documents that are difficult to prepare and laborious in some places. We can help you in this regard by preparing and submitting this file, we can represent you before the authorities throughout but also in order to obtain other necessary documents or authorizations (town planning certificates, building permit, site permit, technical execution project etc.)

Construction work execution authorization

A current shortcoming lies in the fact that infrastructure projects are substantially delayed due to various permits, which are subsequently not recognized by the advisers or even by the lack of those. According to the legislative provisions for public procurement, the necessary authorizations and approvals provided in the feasibility and design phases will have to be sufficiently detailed and to effectively engage the issuer. Authorities cannot issue "principle" approvals; contracting authorities should not document the assignation procedure on approvals and permits that have been issued only "in principle". Within the feasibility study there is the obligation to present the compliant approvals, which should engage the responsibility of those who issue them.

Due to frequent inexistence of those approvals / permits, we developed the service specialized in obtaining the necessary documentation from authorities for the implementation of the project.

Company history

Extended experience in Security Systems specialization

We offer our clients complex solutions and services adapted to the customized needs of every requirement.

SC Syntegra Security SRL

Private trading company founded in 2008, specialized in the realization of low current systems' design, execution and maintenance, electrical installations and IT&C systems related to the basic specialization.

Thanks to the professional training that the Syntegra team has at its base and to the experience gained over time, we have added to the basic field some special solutions that we are proud of.

The seriousness with which we treat the requirements of our clients represents the main factor of development and growth. We approach the projects in which we get involved in a pioneering spirit, offering the newest and most complete solutions that best meet the interests of our partners. We do what we say both in the team relationship and towards our clients. We try to keep all our promises made in a fair and responsible way, we consider that it is a social responsibility in general to do this.

We develop mutual trust within the team based on honesty and information transparency. We value every person in our team, in our clients' teams, treating everyone with respect and consideration. The solutions we build recommend us and each recommendation raises the level of exigency that we show in each implementation.


Approvals obtained by Syntegra Security SRL

Operating license in accordance with the law 333/2003

ISU authorization for FDAS design

ISU authorization for FDAS execution and maintenance

ANRE certificate - level Be (low voltage)

ANRE certificate - level C1A (medium voltage)

ISO 9001 certification for Quality management

ISO 14000 certification for Environmental management

ISO 27001 certification for Information security management